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Box on Collins Restaurant, Melbourne

a-detailed-noteAddress: 189 Collins Street, Melbourne

Mobile: +61 3 9663 0411

Box on Collins could be the premium seafood restaurant that is best in Melbourne. It provides not merely fresh seafood that is australian but non-seafood, vegetarian and Gluten free options, too. It's a restaurant having an admirable ambience, companionable staff with a good sense of humor and a pocket friendly menu. Therefore, next time you are at Collins Street, pull down excrement outside this restaurant and watch the world go by.

Moshi Moshi Japanese Seafood Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 79 Bay St, Port Melbourne

Phone: (03) 96467288

Welcome, to Melbourne's high grade traditional Japanese seafood restaurant. Found in the heart of Port Melbourne, you are able to come right here for a hearty midweek lunch, through Sunday, or just drop by for dinner tuesday. This is the place to be if you ever get cravings for the wagyu beef salad or the soba noodles with the tempura fish and vegetables. So when you are thirsty, ask for one cup of the Geoff Merrill Shiraz. Advanced booking for supper is advised.
To learn about lunch places near me and fish restaurant, please visit our internet site vegetarian food;,.
Rubiras at Swallows Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: Port Melbourne-192 Facility St.

: North Melbourne-480 Victoria St.

Mobile: Port Melbourne-(03) 96462746

: North Melbourne-(03) 9329 1634

Rubiras at Swallows, Melbourne is amongst the most readily useful seafood restaurants in Melbourne with two great areas, personal spaces offered at both venues and menus tailored to your needs. Whether you are heading there for a occasion that is special a casual Lunch or Dinner, Rubria's chilli tiger prawns, local bay calamari, scallops, oven-roasted scampi, spring bay mussels, bug-tails, and seasonal crayfish certainly are a must try.The restaurant offers a huge selection of quality wines at affordable rates to ensure that food is complemented completely. Rubiras is ideal for the next party.

Sea Salt Degraves Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 13 Degraves Street, Melbourne

Phone: (03) 96542095

This restaurant provides it's customers utilizing the tastiest and quality seafood that is finest in Melbourne with endless choices. Mind over to Sea Salt Degraves and order your self some tender calamari, succulent king prawns, crunchy chips, fresh salad or the latest creation from their particular Sushi Chef for a fresh, healthy and satisfying dinner. It is available all seven days from 10:30 AM till later. If you are in search of the ultimate Sushi, Fish and Chip experience, find a spot here and immerse up the Melbourne feels.