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Wedding Songs - Love Songs, Epic!
I love to research. Nothing makes me happier than to research for love. I am a girlfriend myself. No, I haven't saved the date yet, life sometimes gets in terms. Sometimes I think I may become an eternal fiancee! But during this period, I have talked with wedding planners, seen different wedding themes, Whitney Houston spoken with many different receptions halls, tasted numerous genres of food. Through everything, one wedding party hall stood out above the rest, called Cortlandt Colonial Manor (featured in a episode in the bridal the show The Four Weddings!), situated in Winchester, best dvds NY. They have exquisite food along with a beautiful atmosphere with a very inexpensive cost! I'm certainly not rich as well as the words affordable and deal sparkle like diamonds in my experience! Well, geez I veered off course a little, didn't I? Back to the point of my article. I have a large amount of information about how to organize on your wedding day, including wedding songs.
Wedding songs for the reception and even your ceremony ought to be lively, and express the sentiments between you and your fiance for your guests. The bride and groom must have a powerful emotional attachment towards the chosen first dance song. It should restore memories that you share only with one another. I've listened through hours of songs and I came up with twenty songs that I feel are worthy of a marriage. Recently, I've decided to add another, because I couldn't believe I forgot it, shame on me! =) So the list is Top 21 Wedding Songs, and with no further a do...
Top 21 Wedding Songs
Epic Love Songs!
My Top 21
1. I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston
2. Cupid- 112
3. You- Jessie Powell
4. Always- Atlantic Starr
5. This Woman's Work- Maxwell
6. Back At One- Brian Mcknight
7. Differences- Genuwine
8. Love- Musiq
9. All I Am- Joe
10. Power of Love- Celine Dion
11. Breathe- Faith Hill
12. I Swear- All4One
13. Halo- Beyonce
14. Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden
15. Saving Forever For You- Shanice
16. Because You Loved Me- Celine Dion
17. Kissing You- Des'ree
18. He Proposed to Me- Kelly Price
19. Never Let You Go- Faith Evans
20. Everything I Do I Do It For You- Bryan Adams
21. At the Beginning- Richard Marx and Donna Lewis
There you have it! Now don't get me wrong I passed up some really epic love songs, like Endless Love- Lioniel Richie and Diana Ross. I know they'll continue to exist forever and not die. But I was choosing modern love songs that still can be viewed epic. Even though finding epic modern love songs was very trying and time intensive! And I just couldn't look for a full twenty that has been worthy. Our modern music has forgotten what love is around, so there's a blend of a number of older songs during my list. Love songs capture our feelings immediately, freezing that point in time. When it replays, it brings that moment back so vividly, really giving couples eternal love.