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It's some quite solid promotes, like the Twin Zapper that gives you two shots at the same time, the wonderful Circle Barrage that destroys every thing around you and also the Ramshield that's extremely fun to play as it allows you to smash head first to enemies.

The combat scenarios still had that kind of mechanical feel which is usual of these games - advancement a bit through the level, wipe a group of baddies, progress a bit farther, run into more baddies, and so on - but a smarter enemy AI and the use of the Havok physics engine for enemy death animations creates more of an all pure vibe. Should you're being " ganked " (most classically understood to be being murdered once you're at a significant disadvantage, such to be murdered by a group of players or being killed by a much higher level player) or even " camped " (being murdered repeatedly), declare it into the neighborhood discussion stations.

This intense investigation would allow players to discover they might "sequence-break," or undermine the critical path of their match, which would encourage more exploration.